AML Software, Tools, and Technology

AML Software, Tools, and Technology

Anti-money laundering software and tools facilitate reporting entities to comply with the AML, CFT, and KYC requirements, as mandated by the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA), 2002.

There are specific software applications that cater to different aspects of anti-money laundering, primarily categorized into these seven groups:

  1. Enterprise-Wide Risk Assessment (EWRA) Software
  2. KYC Software
  3. Name Screening/Sanction Screening Software
  4. Transaction Monitoring Software
  5. AML Case Management Software
  6. Customer Risk Assessment Software
  7. FIU Reporting Software

For all these seven categories, it is important that you select the right software application that aligns with the nature and size of your business. Implementing adequate technology will make the compliance process faster and reduce the risk of errors.

We, at AML India, help you match AML technology with your specific business needs. Therefore, with our support, you can own best-suited AML Software and tools to ensure the effective implementation and execution of AML/CFT framework.

We are committed to assisting proper enforcement of AML and CFT regulations to regulated entities in India by designing a personalised AML framework – policies, internal controls, and procedures – and ensuring effective implementation of the same.

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